Business casual women are the fastest-growing segment of the retail industry, according to a new report.

While the majority of women spend their money on clothing and accessories, they are also turning to apparel, footwear, and shoes to save money.

According to the report, which was released on Monday, women are spending more than $3.7 trillion per year on apparel and accessories.

That figure includes purchases for shoes, clothing, accessories, home goods, accessories and home accessories, which the report calls the “big four” categories.

The report said that the trend of women spending their money in apparel and other fashion items is not sustainable.

It’s not just women who are finding ways to save on clothing, the report said.

“In addition to women’s shopping choices, we found that women are more likely to be using online retail to make purchases,” said Stephanie O. Johnson, co-author of the report.

“They are increasingly purchasing products online that can save them money.”

The report, titled “The Big Four,” analyzed the purchases of men and women for clothing and footwear.

While women are getting the bulk of the clothing purchases, men are increasingly turning to online retailers to save them on their own purchases.

The report said the women’s clothing category saw a 50% increase in spending last year and women made an average of $1,800 in online purchases.

That’s up from an average $972 per year in 2016, according the report by The Gap Group, Inc.

The gender gap in online shopping also appears to be growing, as women spent an average 3.7 times more online than men.

Women made an additional $3,000 per year online in 2016 and about 10% of online shoppers are women, the study said.

It wasn’t just women spending more online.

Women also shopped in more retail stores, which are owned by men.

Men made an online purchase in the retail store about 4 times more often than women, according for the report that was compiled by The National Retail Federation.

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