The answer to this question can be summed up in one word: Small business.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, supporting millions of Americans and supporting jobs.

That’s why Congress and President Trump are working to strengthen our small business and small business community by making small business more accessible and accessible to the public, by ensuring that the federal government is fully responsive to the needs of small business, and by ensuring more access to the best small business services and products.

Today, more than 500,000 small businesses have been added to the Small Business Administration (SBA) system, a first step in our effort to make it easier for small businesses to access essential services and tools that are essential to their businesses.

These efforts include: Adding thousands of new small business opportunities for American workers.

We’ve already seen tremendous progress with the creation of the Small Job Grants program, which supports thousands of Americans who are struggling to stay in business.

Through the new Small Job Grant program, the Administration is supporting nearly one million businesses that have lost their jobs to automation, outsourcing, or outsourcing.

This program is being extended through 2021, giving businesses the opportunity to retain some of their current workforce while expanding the number of jobs available to qualified American workers through a federal grant.

Making small business easier to access.

The Small Business Jobs Act, which President Trump signed into law on June 26, 2017, will make it simpler for small business owners and employees to access the best business services, tools, and tools.

In addition to expanding the Small Jobs Grant program through 2021 and increasing the number and quality of small businesses that qualify for a grant, the President has authorized $3 billion in new Small Business Opportunity Grants to help small businesses access critical services, including: Small Business Investment Tax Credit.

Under the Small and Disadvantaged Business (SBD) program, a small business owner or employee can receive up to $1,000 in federal tax credits on up to 20 percent of their total sales, including the value of sales and lease income, to help them access and retain employees.

The SBD program also provides grants to businesses that invest in training and technology to help increase the skills and abilities of their employees and their employees’ businesses.

This federal credit is available to businesses with fewer than 50 employees and $10,000 of payroll tax-deductible income.

This credit can also be applied to up to 100 small businesses.

Job Training and Job Assistance Programs.

These new Job Training grants will provide grants of up to up of $3,000 to small businesses for training and job assistance programs that assist in the recruitment, training, placement, and retention of employees.

Additionally, the Department of Labor (DOL) will award $1 billion in grants to states to help businesses provide job training and other employment services to qualified individuals.

In 2019, the DOL awarded $2 billion in Job Training Grants to states, totaling $4 billion in additional funding for state job training programs.

These grants are designed to help states prepare their workforce and provide training to qualified workers in addition to training for all workers.

In 2018, the SBA was awarded $1.9 billion in SBA grants, totaling more than $2.5 billion in grant funding.

This money supports programs that promote job creation, training and retention for unemployed workers, expand apprenticeship opportunities, provide employment insurance and unemployment insurance benefits, and provide support for small employers that provide training and employment assistance to unemployed workers.

The President also signed legislation in 2017 that extended $2,000 for every dollar a small-business owner earns from the Small-Business Job Grants Program through 2021.

The legislation also provides additional funding to small business by allowing the President to use this additional funds for the construction of a new Small-Employment Center (SEAC), a new center that will help small business provide job-training and employment services and support to employees in their communities.

This new center will also be built in New York, Florida, Texas, and Washington, D.C. This $2 million grant is part of a larger $5 billion program to provide job assistance to businesses in addition, to the Federal Small Business Job Grant Program, to provide grants to employers to support job training, apprenticeship, and other job-related training programs and support the recruitment and retention and retention training of employees in the U.S. workforce.

To meet this new demand, the Federal Business Opportunities Act, passed in 2017, established a $500 million Small Business Development Fund.

The funds provided under this fund will be used to provide up to one-half of the Federal Direct Loan program, for which many small businesses need help.

The Government is also continuing to work with states to create a $1 million grant to states that help small- and medium-sized businesses provide Job Training or other employment training programs to eligible individuals.

This grant will also provide up-front support for states to expand the programs and increase the number who can apply.

Small Business Tax Relief and Simplification Act.

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