As you make your way through college, you may find yourself feeling a little lost.

Or you may have the opportunity to make money and then want to keep it.

But do you know where to start?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to start your business without much capital and without having any idea of where to begin.

I’ll show you the steps you need to take, how much you can make and the things you need, if any, to do to get there.

Here’s what you’ll need:1.

A budget.

You need a budget to make the decisions you need.2.

A business plan.

You don’t want to get stuck with a plan and a blank check.

You also don’t need to know how to do it.

You only need a plan that you can afford.3.

A product or service to sell.

You want to sell a product or to help someone else make money.

You should be able to sell products or services that you do well.4.

A website or social media presence.

Your website or Facebook page should have a small following.5.

A mailing list.

Your list should be big enough to help you sell your product or services.6.

A blog.

If you don´t have a blog, a good one can do a great job.

It’s good to have a social media profile, too.7.

A social media account.

A Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, or a blog should have your email address.

You can even have a YouTube channel.8.

A referral program.

If your company does a referral program, consider using that program.9.

Social media accounts.

Use social media accounts to promote your business and your products.10.

A storefront.

If it´s a small business, it’s okay to set up a storefront.11.

An email list.

You shouldn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account.

It shouldn’t be a personal email address, either.12.

A sales department.

If there is a sales department, you should have one.

If not, create one.13.

A team.

You won´t be able a team if you donít have one already.14.

A web-site.

You want to build your website from scratch.15.

A database.

You could use a database, but it shouldn’t hold any information that you need or won´ t be updated often.16.

A directory.

You will need one to organize your inventory, inventory listing, and other business-related information.17.

A phone number.

You might need a phone number for the customer service department.18.

A payment system.

You may need a PayPal, credit card, or debit card.19.

A list of customers.

You probably won´ d want a list of your customers so you can know what they are doing.20.

A contact form.

You have a contact form if you have one, but you can use another.21.

A landing page.

A simple landing page is better than a complicated one.22.

A video tutorial.

If this isn´t a video tutorial, a short video tutorial is better.23.

A copy of your business plan or business plan template.

This should include a summary of your strategy, where you plan to take your business, and how you are going to do this.24.

A contract.

A good contract is an agreement you sign.25.

A checklist of all your business needs.

If the list of things you want to do isn’t long enough, you might need to ask for more information.26.

A tax return.

This is a great time to file.

You already know what taxes to pay.

You just need to file a return.27.

A bank statement.

If tax returns are important, you probably won’t need one.28.

A financial statement.

You still need a financial statement for every business transaction.29.

A filing fee.

You must pay at least $50 in tax.30.

A form of insurance.

You are probably not going to need an insurance policy for your business.

You better have one to protect you from losses.31.

A letter of credit.

If things go bad and you don�t have money, you can pay this to someone.32.

A company name.

You know the name of the company you want, so you won´d want to use it on your website and your business account.33.

A logo.

If necessary, you must have a logo.34.

A name.

If possible, you need a name.35.

A description.

If an advertisement is your only means of marketing your business or you want your name to be known, then you need one or more of these:1) A logo, if possible.2) A name, if you want it to be a trademark.3) A description of your company.4) A URL, if necessary.5) A contact number

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