We’re in the early days of boom, and that means a lot of people are posting a lot.

A lot of new tech companies are popping up all over the place.

There’s a lot to celebrate, though, so here are some of our favorite things that popped up in 2017.


Facebook’s news feed: You know that Facebook news feed, the one that lets you browse through articles and photos in your News Feed, and then scroll through to the next page, like a Google Maps-style search bar?

Well, it’s finally getting a refresh, thanks to Facebook’s own news team.

They’ve built a new version of the feed that you can use to jump between articles.

So you’ll be able to scroll through the same thing, but it will look a lot better and it will show you different information.

You can also click on an article to open the page in a new tab.

It’s very simple, and the whole interface is responsive.

There are a few other new features that we’re excited about too, like new categories, like ‘social,’ that let you find new news stories, and new videos.


Apple Watch: Apple has been a huge supporter of the Apple Watch for years now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a lot more interesting and useful apps for the smartwatch.

Now, they’re bringing a new app for iOS that lets the user quickly navigate through their Apple Watch apps.

You’ll be prompted to tap on the app icon to launch it, and it’ll let you jump directly to the news feed or to the recently watched app.


The Verge: It’s been a while since we’ve seen this much buzz about Apple Watch, but now we know that the company is planning a new design for the watch.

While the company has a few designs already, they seem to be taking inspiration from the Pebble, the smart-watch that started life as a Kickstarter campaign, and its new design.

The new watch has a different design, with a round back and a circular face.

The front and back of the watch are curved, with the circular part being the crown and the other side of the face being the display.

The watch also has a new strap that sits on top of the circular watch face.

Apple says the watch will be launching in 2019.


Google’s new home page: Google’s updated homepage looks great.

The navigation bar looks much cleaner, and you can see where you can access Google Search, Search Console, and Search Console Search.

You also see a new section called ‘Explore’ which has a lot new things to see on the home page, including a new search box that lets users find search results by typing a search term.


Uber’s new Maps app: The app has a ton of new features for users to discover on the road.

For example, users can see a map of their location on a map and see when they get there, and Uber is bringing this to the iPhone app too.

There also is a new ‘Travel Assistant’ section that lets Uber drivers get directions on the fly.


The Daily News: The Daily news site has been around for a while now, and now it’s getting some love.

The site is getting a few new features, including better sorting, more interactive features, and a new news section.

The news site also has more information about the latest news and entertainment.


Snapchat is expanding its photo gallery app: Snapchat is finally expanding its app to include photos from across its vast portfolio of images.

There will be a new photo gallery section, along with a new feature that lets people view images from other platforms and upload them as a Snapchat video.

The feature will allow people to share and view photos from other social media platforms.


The Weather app for iPhones: The Weather apps for iPhone have always been a popular source of weather information, but they’ve also been getting a lot less attention lately.

That’s a bit of a shame, because they’re a great way to stay up-to-date on the weather and even have access to the latest forecasts, with plenty of weather facts to find.

The iPhone version of Weather has also gotten a few big updates, including new weather conditions, which allow users to see how the weather is changing, as well as new temperature and humidity metrics.


Facebook News: Facebook News has been getting more attention recently, as a new News Feed app for mobile has been launched.

This new app brings Facebook News into the News app for Android and iOS, and lets you find News, videos, and other news and events from Facebook and its partners.


Spotify’s new Music app: Spotify has been rolling out a new music app for the Mac, and today the app is also coming to Windows 10.

The music app is the same one you see on Spotify’s desktop app, but the app includes Spotify-specific features like playlist search, a personalized playlist, and

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