Harvard Business Schools students are taking advantage of an emerging platform that gives students a platform to make their voices heard and get their voices counted on the hiring and hiring cycle, a Harvard Business school grad said.

The platform, called the “Harvard Employer Data Network,” lets users anonymously upload résumés to the employer directory and can be accessed from within any company’s application.

The graduates, who are part of a program run by the University of Massachusetts, Boston, said they had no clue they would be involved in a project they loved.

“I had zero idea about the potential for it,” said Andrew Miller, who graduated in the spring and is now an associate professor of marketing at Harvard Business.

“This was my dream job for the last six months,” he said.

Miller, who was born and raised in Vermont, said the job is “a huge change” in how he sees the job market.

He’s now considering what he wants to do next.

“The main thing that really changed is that I’ve never been so excited about a career change,” Miller said.

“It’s an incredible opportunity.”

Harvard students from the business school and alumni can sign up to be part of the project and submit résumé templates for consideration for the job posting.

“We’re really proud of our students and the work that they’ve put into it,” Dean of Business School, Stephen H. Lohr, said in a statement.

“I’m so proud that so many of them have been successful and that we have such an incredible cohort of students who have come to our program to learn and grow.”

“They have given us so much confidence and I want to thank them,” Loht added.

The project is open to any student in the business or graduate programs.

The process starts with a résumement and a CV, and graduates can then submit the application.

The project is still in its early stages.

For now, the program allows students to share résumements online.

The program is designed to be an “open platform,” which means students can post to the directory for other students to view and submit to the project.

“It is also an open source platform,” HLR said.

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