Scott will be in Orlando on Wednesday to deliver his State of the State address to Florida business license reform advocates, and the governor is expected to make a case for why he believes that the state is a model for others.

In the coming weeks, the governor will be joined by business leaders, including former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Scott is expected during the address to reiterate the state’s commitment to business and the need for reform, which has been a top theme of his campaign.

“This is not a time for complacency.

This is a time to put the country on the right path,” Scott said during his January State of The State address.

“We can build a better Florida by doing the right things for our residents, businesses, and our economy.”

The governor’s call for reform is consistent with the sentiments of his fellow Republicans.

But Scott is likely to be pushed by Florida business leaders to support changes that would allow business owners to opt out of paying taxes on sales that take place within their jurisdictions.

In recent months, lawmakers have worked to expand the business license process to include more cities and counties, including Tampa and Orlando.

Scott’s administration has pushed for the expansion of local ordinances, but opponents say such efforts are too burdensome.

In 2016, the Florida House passed a bill that would have required businesses to pay taxes on all sales made within their jurisdiction, including in the cities and cities surrounding the state capitol.

However, the bill was vetoed by Gov.

Scott, who vetoed the measure in February of this year.

As a result, a similar measure is now pending in the state Senate.

The governor is also expected to mention the need to expand local ordinances.

Scott said at a press conference last month that he believed that a local ordinance in Miami-Dade County would be the “most effective tool” to bring about reform.

But Florida lawmakers have also been working to address the issue of non-local sales.

A bill that was introduced by Rep. Mike Williams, D-Fort Myers, and Sen. Steve Stone, R-Tallahassee, would allow cities and towns in Florida to opt-out of paying any taxes that take advantage of the business tax exemption.

However of late, the state House has also proposed increasing the number of cities and communities in Florida that can opt out.

That bill, as well as a proposal from Sen. David Loebsack, D/ST, is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

In December, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that it had issued a “notice of proposed rulemaking” on the issue.

The new rule would allow non-residential businesses to opt in to paying state and local taxes for up to 15 years.

However in the coming months, the proposal will likely face opposition from business groups and other opponents.

The bill that’s awaiting a final vote is sponsored by Sen. Joe Negron, R/FL, and Rep. Jason Villalba, R, Orlando.

The legislation would create an opt-in exemption for all residents in the Florida capitol, including business owners.

However the legislation is still being worked out.

A spokesperson for Negron said he was still looking at the issue and declined to provide further comment.

Villalb’s office said the measure would be considered if it was adopted.

In Florida, all businesses must pay state and/or local taxes on any sales.

However many states also allow for businesses to be exempt from taxes if they have “special or limited circumstances,” such as limited liability or non-business use.

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