Business Insider’s Jason Samenow has some tips for getting paid to cover the news for National Geographic.

First, make sure you have a job lined up.

You can find a list of news-writing jobs on our job search page.

Next, you’ll need to put in a call to a recruiter, and you’ll likely be offered a salary.

If you have an interview, you might be able to negotiate for a bigger pay bump, but if you don’t, you probably won’t be able.

We’ve included a few tips on how to find a job.

“We don’t offer a bonus, but we do offer a salary,” says Matt Mather, a National Geographic business reporter.

“If we’re lucky enough to get a $5,000 raise, it’s probably not enough to justify going through the stress of having to work a full-time job.”

Mather says he has “always been pretty open” to a bigger salary, but he’s more concerned about finding a position that’s not just a freelance gig, but one that allows him to support his family.

“I have been trying to find something that’s a little bit more like a full time job, but also something I’m able to be able a lot of the time,” he says.

“It doesn’t really make sense for me to go out there and write for the National Geographic.

That would be really stressful, so it’s definitely worth a shot.”

We’ve compiled a list to help you figure out how much you might make at your new job.

Salary and benefits Here’s a look at the basic salary and benefits for a news reporter at National Geographic, as well as tips on finding the right position for you.

First up, what are the basic salaries for a reporter?

National Geographic pays a freelance writer about $1,000 a month to cover major stories, according to a National Geography blog post.

Most of those stories come from news outlets like CNN, Fox News, and NBC News.

(There’s also a small amount for local coverage.)

If you’re working on a national news story, like a natural disaster, war, or something similar, National Geographic will pay you more than a freelancer.

There’s a limit of $500 per month.

If that’s too much, you can apply for more money.

For a National Magazine cover story, the average National Geographic cover writer makes $1.15 an hour.

A National Geographic editor makes about $6.60 an hour, according a National Journal article.

The National Geographic Society has more details on what your pay will be based on the number of stories you cover and what kind of content you cover.

There are other factors you can look into when it comes to the amount you’re earning: Your experience, how long you’ve been covering the news, and how long that experience has been.

Are you a seasoned news writer?

If you’ve covered a lot, you may have been paid more than other writers.

If so, you should consider getting a raise to make up for it.

National Geographic also offers an online pay calculator, which can help you see how much your freelance work could pay.

It’s not perfect, though, because the calculator includes “some extra costs” like insurance and other expenses that are not covered by the National Geographics coverage.

“The calculator will be helpful, but it’s not the only tool to compare the average weekly pay of freelance journalists to National Geographic,” says a National Newspaper Association blog post, adding that it’s still not perfect.

If this is a good job, you could expect to earn around $6,000 per month after expenses.

“That is an incredibly high salary for the work you’re doing, and I would be remiss if I didn’t praise you for the incredible amount of time you’ve put in,” says Mather.

“As someone who has spent a lot more time covering national stories, and is now working full-Time for a national newspaper, it really shows your dedication to the job and your passion for the stories.”

Mazzola says National Geographic is open to all sorts of offers, but there are “only a handful of people” who are considered good candidates for a new job, even those who are no longer covered by National Geographic as a freelist.

“For those that we are able to work with, we’ll work with them and have them do it full time,” says Samenoo.

You should be able figure out the minimum salary before you apply for a job, because many of the people who apply for the job are paid below the national average.

For example, Mather makes around $1 per hour, but National Geographic says he can make up to $15 an interview.

This is because he’s been on the job for more than four years, which gives him more experience.

“You might have to be really careful when it come to your application,”

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